Corporate Profile

Asia Telecom is a Licensed Telecom Service Provider with its Corporate Headquarters in Hong Kong. Incorporated in 1997, the corporation has continued to extend its footprint in Asia and the Pacific and now has operating licenses in New Zealand, Singapore and Taiwan along with its Business Process and Support Service Centres located in the Philippines and Indonesia. Asia Telecom is a privately held corporation.

Asia Telecom's primary hub is located in Hong Kong. The company also owns subsidiaries in New Zealand, Taiwan and Singapore. Its Network Operation centres are located in Hong Kong and Philippines. The network consists of voice switching platforms - one for retail operations, another for wholesale carrier traffic exchange, as well as platforms for conference, short messaging systems and contact centre operations.
Asia Telecom is a licensee of Artillium Communications, Belgium for its retail switching platform, partners with Aloe Systems, Russia for its wholesale switching platform and with Cisco Systems for its VOIP products. The company makes use of a comprehensive and efficient internally developed billing system to provide fast and accurate information to customers. For its call centre and support operations, the company has developed multi-functional programs internally, which run on the Asterisk software.
Market Position
Asia Telecom is a respected player in the Telecom Industry. In the retail category, it has followed a niche marketing strategy with market dominance in selected segments along with a strong focus on the corporate sector. In the wholesale carrier traffic exchange category, the company has attained a recognized position in the industry and continues to grow in this area.